What is EMS

Electro Muscular Stimulation training is a man-made and intensified version of what naturally causes your muscles to contract. Ordinarily, your central nervous system sends electrical impulses to stimulate muscles – EMS involves attaching electrodes to the skin above your muscle and then applying a selective intensification of electrical stimuli, which allows you to reach the deep muscle layers that are very difficult to target with conventional training. When you add in low-impact dynamic exercises while using EMS, the additional tension produces incredible results, and your trainer can also control each muscle group separately in order to tailor your session to your specific goals and fitness. And no, EMS is neither painful nor harmful.

HOW DID EMS START? A French researcher invented the first stimulation machine in 1902! He used it to successfully treat muscle atrophy/paralysis, and after another 70 years of research and development, two Russian scientists called Kotz and Chwilon proved the amazing results of muscular stimulation. Their studies showed a remarkable 30 to 40% increase in muscular strength in a short period of time – and with minimum physical effort. EMS was predominantly used in the treatment and rehabilitation of atrophy and muscle imbalance as well as to increase performance in professional sports. These days, EMS training is a tried and tested method that grows in popularity daily.

CAN I SEE SOME MORE PROOF? Research studies from the Bayreuth University in Germany reported the following results after a 6-week training programme with EMS:
  • 88% of people tested reduced their back pain.
  • Over 30% of those reported that their recurring back problems had disappeared.
  • 75% showed improvement with incontinence problems, while 33% of those were cured of incontinence altogether.
  • Overall maximum strength ability increased by 12% while endurance/fitness levels improved by 69%.
  • On average, 85% of people tested felt an improvement of their body shape and 90% ranked the EMS training method as positive.
  • Training with higher intensity produced effective results, especially with subjects who suffered from recurring pain and other ailments. It also resulted in enhanced muscle definition and tone.
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