EMS training is known as the most effective and efficient form of training available:

Why is it so SMART?

  • In terms of contraction time across the body 20 minutes EMS training = 5 hours plus ofconventional training. Your time is precious, why waste any of it. If you can achieve the same or better result within 20 minutes vs 5 hours (one week of training), why not.
  • Risk of injury is minimal, the stress is off the joints as only very lights weights aresometimes used… giving you peace of mind during your workout that injuries are highly unlikely.
  • Deeper muscle contractions. Using this technology, electrical impulses are utilised to
    engage much more and deeper muscle fibres than can be achieved in a gym withweights.
  • Each session is driven by a personal fitness instructor giving you unequalled personal attention, without the normal distractions found in a gym environment. This allows you to switch off and not have to think about what exercise to do next as each session involves a full body workout regardless of the exercises focussed on.
  • Your settings are stored on a card that is used to set you up on your next visit, so those lazy days that used to be part of a conventional workout are avoided.

There are many more benefits to this form of training but there is no doubt that this intelligent training for anybody who takes their health and wellness seriously.

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