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My Renaissance’s EMS system is quintessential cause and effect, stimulating the entire muscular system simultaneously. It’s also completely customisable, with the capability to train individual sections more or less intensively. It’s all about feeling fit, healthy and a little less stressed.
My Renaissance is even special when it comes to EMS devices! Unlike others, our system stimulates agonists and antagonists (contracting muscles whose actions are opposed or counteracted by the other) as well as deep muscle groups simulatenously. Every muscle group is on a set individual programme, and your session can be experienced while lying down or actively, doing standing or dynamic exercises while the system does its thing below the surface. Intensity is your choice.
COMPREHENSIVE RESULTS Instead of spending years of extra time and money honing your form and reaching for performance, making small and consistent gains, you can jumpstart full-body results with My Renaissance. Rewards are quickly visible, whether you’re looking to reduce fat content and lose weight, hone your muscles, increase strength and endurance, tone problem areas, improve mobility, or just boost your general feeling of health and wellbeing.
TIME IS ON YOUR SIDE As we all know, you can’t beat the simple luxury of having free time. Open up your schedule by ending the days of time-consuming and inefficient training. My Renaissance allows you to stop compromising; now you can balance your desire for exercise with your need for more of a break in your hectic schedule. With just 10 to 30 minutes per training session, you’re getting the best of both.

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