Weight Loss and Toning

BUILDING THE FIGURE YOU WANT My Renaissance’s EMS system activates all major muscle groups simultaneously and on an individually programmed basis – this increases your metabolic and enzyme activity and you start burning more energy! Not only are your muscles built up, but that excess fat gets turned into fuel as well. In this way, you create lean muscle mass, contour your body, and reduce body fat – all at once, in every session!

SYSTEM OVERHAUL EMS training stimulates powerful muscle contractions that activate both blood flow and collagen production in the skin. Energy consumption increases which leads to a faster metabolism and decreased fat content (especially around that hard-to-target mid-section). Cellulite can be fought while your muscles achieve a higher definition.

  • 87% of participants reported clearly visible body-contouring effects.
  • 89% felt more firm and taut after the training.
  • Body fat was reduced by up to 4% within 6 weeks.
  • Women lost an average of 1.5cm from their waist and hips.
  • Men reduced their abdominal girth by up to 2.3cm, with a muscle build-up of 1-2cm on their legs, upper arms and chests.
  • Overweight people lost an average of 3.5kg and 9% body fat, with 6.5cm lost on the waist and 2cm on their upper arms after just 13 weeks.
  • Seniors (over 65) lost 6.8% of their abdominal fat and 6cm of their waist circumference, with just 30 minutes of training every five days.

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