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You probably train according to conventional wisdom, targeting different muscular groups and training areas like strength, speed and endurance during specific sessions. While this established routine will get you there, our system can do it in a fraction of the time! You can target all your training goals in a single session and gain back the available time in your busy life with Electrical Muscle Stimulation, the revolutionary system that’s taken the world by storm and is now brought to you by My Renaissance.

IT’S ABOUT STRENGTH AND STABILITY Whilst muscular strength forms the foundation for performance, it can only reach its maximum potential with muscular stability. Those deep stabilising muscles are difficult to target, and that’s where My Renaissance’s system steps in. The simultaneous activation of the entire musculature means that you can train effectively quicker, avoid unilateral stress and reduce the chance of muscular imbalance. This system pairs beautifully with sports-specific movement and training, meaning that the additional strength gained is feeding into the muscle memory you’re trying to ingrain. Gone are the days where you had to separate general strength training and specific performance training – the latter of which is often linked to overuse injury, severe stress and greater effort.

INCREASED SPEED FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE Conventional training methods boost strength – what My Renaissance also does is increase speed of movement without placing massive stress on the musculoskeletal system. Those fast-twitch muscle fibres are controlled directly, giving you a major advantage. In this way, My Renaissance is essential for the athlete looking to heighten their performance capabilities.

SUCCESS BY NUMBERS The efficacy of EMS has been investigated, and the results are truly remarkable! Success is rarely so quantifiable, but these studies leave little room for doubt. The values measured underscore the fact that whole-body EMS is up to 40% more intensive than any traditional strength or weight training.

* My Renaissance is the only system to improve speed of motion and thus performance.
* 71% of participants showed a significant improvement in endurance.
* After 4 training sessions, maximum strength was already increased by 17%.
* After just 12 sessions, strength-endurance values rose by as much as 108%!
* After 4 weeks of training, maximum performance rose by as much as 30%.
* Contraction speed rose by an average of 22% and the power of the deep trunk musculature rose by up to 74%!\

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