General Benefits

Compared to conventional training – When you compare the time under tension (how long you spend with a muscle contracted during a workout) of 20 minutes of EMS versus an hour of weight training, EMS’ efficacy is up to 30 times higher!
Muscle definition – EMS achieves stronger muscle contractions than you can with voluntary movement. You achieve greater tone and strength, but you also make your muscles more responsive and efficient.
Strength & endurance – Individual targeting in accordance with your desired intensity means that personal goals are achieved quicker and with greater consistency, whether for overall fitness or improved endurance.
Gentle on joints – Conventional training with heavy weights or high impact running/jumping etc. can cause injury and stress if form isn’t constantly correct. EMS is free from these and thus ideal for older people or anyone with injuries.
Muscular imbalance – The increasing lack of movement in our daily lives, where most of us sit at desks for long hours, means that many people suffer from muscular imbalances that result in recurring back pain. EMS allows us to target these problem areas and strengthen weaker groups in order to correct them and provide pain relief.
Cellulite – Treating cellulite needs to go below the surface, and EMS activates the connective tissue as a whole, leading to better circulation and reduced excess fat cells.
Weight loss – A balanced diet alone isn’t enough to break down fat in areas like the stomach, thighs, upper arms etc. You need regular and effective training, and EMS allows you to hone in on your individual problem areas.
Better circulation – EMS improves circulation through the connective tissue, which aids in the removal of waste and toxins and thus improves skin tone and peristalsis. Total inner wellbeing and a clear and clean system.
Mobility & rehab – If you’re in recovery from an injury or operation, EMS training allows you to gently rebuild those affected muscle group/s, even while lying down.
Incontinence – You can use EMS to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, allowing you to prevent and relieve incontinence. Also beneficial for the bladder weakness a lot of women experience after pregnancy.
Sport & speed – The combination of EMS and conventional training rapidly creates the next level of power and performance. Especially beneficial for athletes whose sport is dependent on speed, as speed training is a component of EMS.

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