My Pledge

I pledge to try to start loving my body, regardless of how I look, where I am or how I am feeling.
I promise to stop the negative self-talk and be positive about my appearance, as I understand that not every thought I think is true. I pledge to never get involved in group sledging of others and how they look. I will try to rather be positive about others around me, regardless of how I perceive them to be.
I pledge to take care of my body by giving it the nutrition it needs and consuming sufficient amounts of water. I agree to be consciously aware of the poisonous effects of too much alcohol or other substances, and pledge moderation of all substances that I know aren’t good for me.
I promise to not get caught in the comparison of myself to others, and to understand that we are all different. Comparing myself with others is a weakness, regardless of whether I consider myself better or worse than someone else. I recognise and understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that all bodies can be beautiful regardless of size and shape. I will strive daily to recognise my own achievements and try to comprehend my uniqueness. In this way I will try to love myself in my totality – strengths and faults included.
I pledge to not get down on myself when I make a mistake – however, I will strive to never make the same mistake twice. I understand that it is through our mistakes that we learn.
I pledge to stand strong in who I am, while being open to changing aspects of myself that hurt me or others. I understand that with this respect for myself and others, I will be respected in turn. I will not be afraid to turn away from people or behaviours that make me feel bad about who I am. I pledge to be gentle with myself and all those that surround me. As I respect my Life, I shall respect all Life.
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